Phoenix Careers in Massage Therapy

Phoenix Careers in Massage Therapy

By definition, a career in massage therapy is one of the most hands-on professions you can have. If you enjoy working closely with people, learning about anatomy and physiology, and using both your hands and your mind at work, than you should consider working as a massage therapist.

Many states require formal training to practice massage therapy, so getting your degree is essential to a successful massage therapy career. With projected employment for massage therapist expected to grow by 19% over the next eight years, your degree in massage therapy will provide you with a flexible career path and allow you to work out those unforeseen career kinks along the way.

Training and Education

If you're interested in becoming a massage therapist, you'll need to have great communication skills, and an outgoing and friendly personality. Your job will require you to build trust and foster a comfortable environment for both you and your client in a professional and intimate setting.

While you're getting your degree, you'll learn about organs and tissues, study kinesiology (the motion and mechanics of the body) as well as business management. Of course, no degree in massage therapy would be complete without plenty of practice and hands-on training in myriad massage techniques.

Massage Therapy Schools in Phoenix

Before you start earning money and meeting clients, you'll need to get your degree from an accredited academic institution. The Sanford-Brown Institute, Everest University, and The Bryman School all have excellent massage therapy degree programs and flexible degree programs.

Just beginning your education search? Visit the school(s) below to receive free information on tuition, financial aid assistance, start dates and more!

The Sanford-Brown Institute

Arizona School of Massage Therapy

The Bryman School

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